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about us

At Four Seasons Floristry, our mission is to spread joy through the timeless elegance of flowers across Vancouver. Since our establishment in 2016, we have been dedicated to designing and handcrafting exquisite floral arrangements. As a family-operated business, our passion lies in creating bespoke floral designs tailored to suit any occasion, whether it be a birthday, wedding, funeral, or any other noteworthy event.

Striving for excellence, we are committed to continuous improvement, embracing creativity and passion as perpetual pursuits. The unwavering support from our valued customers has been instrumental in our journey, and we express sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve our community. Your ongoing encouragement motivates us to consistently deliver stunning floral arrangements.

We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our shop, where you can personally select fresh blooms for yourself or your loved ones. Alternatively, you can conveniently explore our offerings online and have your floral selections delivered. We are eager to meet you and deeply appreciate your continued support. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries about our services – we are here to assist you.

Meet our principle florist and event director


Hi Everyone!

I've been immersed in the floral industry for eight years.

The genesis of this venture traces back to my mother's aspiration to establish her own flower shop. At the outset, I enthusiastically supported this idea, envisioning it as a relatively straightforward endeavor—perhaps a mere walk in the park.

During my initial years, juggling my role as a student, my contributions were modest. I assisted with morning flower auctions before classes and helped with shop activities as needed. As the shop's demand escalated, finding a skilled florist became challenging. My hands-on approach and passion for creativity led me to explore floristry, recognizing that one never truly discovers their passion until they dive in, right?

I pursued formal education in floristry by enrolling in a Floristry Program at Langara College. Complementing this academic endeavor, I gained practical, hands-on experience directly within the operational dynamics of the floral store. This dual approach to learning has enriched my understanding and proficiency in the field, providing a comprehensive foundation for my floral design expertise.

Throughout the years, I have actively participated in various local events, including Fleurs De Ville, Design Shows, and successfully executed the design and coordination of over 50 weddings. Additionally, I have lent my expertise to corporate events, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and professionalism. Furthermore, I have contributed my services to nonprofit organizations, leveraging floral design to support and enhance their initiatives. This diverse range of experiences has not only honed my skills but also allowed me to make meaningful contributions across various sectors.

To me, designing flowers is a nuanced art form, and art, by its nature, is subjective. Experiencing the fulfillment of someone's distinct vision is truly a delightful moment—an affirmation of why I feel so fortunate to be a florist! 🌸✨